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Sivakumar Palaniappan

Sivakumar Palaniappan is No.1 Career Coach in India. His flagship program Career Mastery Intensive - 3 days Super Intensive Program for Super Intensive People is an instant hit among graduate students, young professionals and wanna be entrepreneurs. He is a bestselling author whose books include "Become an Engineer Not Just an Engineering Graduate ” , "Forward Thinking Academics - Indian Engineering Education" and "The Ultimate Placement Guide ” . As a most sought-after professional speaker, trainer and seminar leader he has addressed more than 30,000 young minds across India in just one year (in 2014). He believes that the only way forward to build a better future is to inspire and transform young minds. His dream is to see young people filled with great passion for peace and purpose all over the world. Learn More Here


with Sivakumar Palaniappan

Become an Engineer

True essence of engineering lies in creativity and innovation

Do you want to bring a fundamental change in the Belief and Perspectives about Engineering Education among your students? Sivakumar Palaniappan’s ”Become an Engineer” is the only program in the country that provides practical tools and techniques to become Passionate Engineers.

This 3 hours session is based on his best-selling book ”Become an Engineer Not Just an Engineering Graduate”. Siva teaches systematic methods in which young engineering students could build relevant Knowledge and Skills that are required to be a successful 21st century engineer.

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College Readiness Program

Are your Students fully prepared to meet the needs of College Life…?

Many institutions are struggling to seamlessly induct fresh students into their campus and help them make the transition from School to College.It’s important that institutions must invest early in the cycle to make their students ready for challenging college environment.

“College Readiness Program” is a practical two days workshop that delivers the knowledge, tools, methods and techniques that students need to proactively learn towards successful academic, personal and social life in college environment.

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Placement Readiness Program

Do your Students understand the dynamics of Campus Placements…?

“Bringing a company for placement is not a big deal, but getting our students ready for campus interview is the most difficult task”, said the Placement Director of a leading academic institution. It’s important that institutions today must quickly be able to prepare their students to the employment challenges not just to succeed, even to survive. This needs the colleges and students acquire new ways of thinking, working and embracing placements.

“Placement Readiness Program” is a practical two days workshop that delivers the knowledge, tools, methods and techniques that students need to proactively work towards securing the best Campus Placements.

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Career Mastery Intensive

3 Days Super Intensive Course on Systematic Life and Career Building

Why do some people build great Career and Life, while others struggle? Great careers do not happen just like that, they are built step by step. People who become successful in life and career do something different than most people. It is not about lack of opportunities, it all about lack of clarity and knowledge on career building.

Career Mastery Intensive is designed with an intent of making a positive and profound transformation in your life. It will transform you, your thoughts, attitude, behaviour for the benefit of your life and career. CMI will help you significantly improve your self-awareness and confidence. You will be more effective and efficient ; you’ll be able to accomplish more than you ever thought is possible.

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Publish Your First Book

The Art and Science of Getting Your First Book Published.

Have you ever had the dream of becoming a published author, seeing your book in your hands, surrounded by people for your autograph? Well many have this aspiration of writing and sharing their story, their life lessons as a book, but something stops them from actually doing that. Not knowing where to begin, how to write, how to organise and getting it published has stopped many from making their dreams into published books.

Publish Your First Book is a powerful course based on Siva’s first-hand experience in getting his first book published. How did his first book become a best-seller? How is he getting some best reviews from Students, Parents, Teachers and Industry Experts? Learn the art and science of getting your first book published in this 2 days course.

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by Sivakumar Palaniappan

Become An Engineer Not Just An Engineering Graduate

A Comprehensive Guide to Every Engineering Aspirant

This book reveals how to become a passionate engineer instead of just graduating with academic marks and a degree certificate after spending 4 long youthful years in an engineering college.

This is the only systematic guide available for engineering aspirants and graduates. It extensively covers all the areas starting from ”Why Engineering ” to ” How to Become a Student Entrepreneur”. It is a must read for all young students, parents and their teachers.

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How To Get The Perfect Campus Offer

Understanding The Future Of Engineering Education

This book reveals how to secure your future with a campus placement offer before you graduate out of college.

It is a step by step interactive guide that will help you learn the 4 Step Process (3Rs, 3Ps, 4Cs and TAB) to get that perfect campus placement offer.

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Forward Thinking Academics

A real and meaningful change with true intention of transforming engineering education should start.

We don’t need an education system that just teaches us just the course contents; we need an inspiring academia that builds the future of this nation. This book is a powerful guide for anyone who has a role to play in Engineering Education or Administration in today’s context.

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